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Registration ends on March 11, the tournament kicks off on March 12

Turn demo trades into real money wins!

First Place




Second Place




Third Place




37 prize-winning places



with $1000 x37

Demo Account Tournament means:

Prestigious Competition

Showcase your skills and win a prize from the Wall Street trader!

Launching a Career as a Manager

Victory grants you money for management. We invest in your success!

Elevating Your Skills For Free

You don’t have to top up your tournament account. Practice trading hassle-free.

40 Prize-Winning Places

Your goal is to make it to the top 40. Boost your odds of winning!

Grand Prize for Finishing First

The winner takes it all! The grand prize in the tournament is $5,000.

Participation Rules

  1. Sign up and confirm your participation in the tournament.
  2. All contestants will have their own demo account with the same balance at the beginning of the tournament.
  3. Trade and grow your balance. You can utilize any strategy, tool, or trading robot of your choosing—there’s nothing holding you back.
  4. The contestant drops out when the equity drawdown reaches 20%
  5. Based on the tournament results, the top 37 traders will receive $1,000. Three winners will get their hands on super prizes: $2,000, $3,000, and $5,000 deposited into their Gerchik & Co investment accounts.

Demo Account Tournament: Gerchik Recommends!

«I started my trading journey with as much as $400 in my pocket and turned it into millions. Getting started from scratch is not impossible. And this is why we at Gerchik & Co host the demo account tournament with a super prize at stake.

If you want my advice on how to win, it is this: stay disciplined and keep your risks under control. And you’ll have a legitimate chance to walk away with a thousand dollars.»

— Alex Gerchik, president of Gerchik & Co and Wall Street’s safest day trader according to Wall Street Warriors


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