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I really enjoyed the training experience. Charts, explanations. What’s more, the home tasks don’t let you slack off. It’s a great option for newbies who know nothing about trading.


Everything is spot-on. Most importantly, there is no fluff.


Thank you for the tutorials, they are very informative. THANK YOU!!!!

Sergey SB

You really pulled it off! Training with the mentor bot is brilliant. It does help to get to the bottom of every topic. And it’s a much better way to learn than doing it on your own.


I’ve only just started learning to trade and the mentor bot has been very helpful. I have enormous respect for Alex Gerchik and am really grateful for this training solution. The way everything is articulated is clear and straight to the point. Your brain starts working at full capacity.


I decided to take the course out of sheer curiosity. And I got hooked right away! Thank you!

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